Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Already!??!

How it is possible that time passes this quickly I can't even imagine.

Last week was an absolutely FABULOUS training session with the Dolls. We just love them. We had three groups set up and each did different drills with the Dolls at that station. 

My first drill section was weaving with one foot! I was so excited to try this on my indoors for the first time with my new truck set-up, but things did not go my way. I was disappointed in how wobbly and off kilter I felt on my skates. I had done better outside on the shit pavement with my outdoor wheels, well, after a while I had. I only started to feel normal on my skates nearing the end of the training session too. Meh. 

The Dolls did have lots of input as to how to improve as they watched and shouted things at us to try and help mould us into the best skaters we can be. One of the biggest things to remember is of course bending the knees, so we heard this a lot. I start out good and bendy but as I'm concentrating on other aspects of what I'm doing I slowly raise up. 

Keeping my ass down is also something I have to work on a great deal, though sometimes I feel it is down when they tell me to put it lower. Like at least twice after being told to think, shit in the woods, I was thinking, this IS what I look like shitting in the woods already. My back hurts me a lot when I am in this position for an extended period and I'm trying to find ways, by being stronger and with better posture, to combat this.

Today I practiced in the parking lot besides my kids circus school. (Yeah, circus school, cool eh? I wish I was my kid.) This turned out to be really awesome because it's a decently clean pavement area and also the business there had these uber reflective windows so it was like having mirrors there. This was super helpful because I was checking out my posture a lot thinking about all the things I am being told and actually being able to see how it looks. I look forward to practicing there again.

I did, while practicing today, really get a better handle on weaving with one foot. I'm wondering after today's evidence whether I do better skating on my outdoor wheels? I'm thinking of leaving them on for this weeks practice and see how that works out for me. They are narrower then my indoor wheels so that is making some amount of difference in how they skate for me. But, they are softer so they will not skate as fast as my indoor wheels; but do I even skate fast enough for that to be a noticeable difference? I dunno. We'll see how it goes.

Okay, that's it for now brothers and sisters. I should be sleeping. I shall write more later and answer some questions for Ana about outfitting for derby.

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