Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skate test! Skate test! Skate test!

Well kids it is time for my skate test, scheduled as it is four to eight on Sunday. Once tested I will finally be out of freshmeat limbo and able to move forward with my derby career, or revisit my freshmeat one I suppose.

I am nervous about the test but of course very, very excited. I have been skating a fair bit over the summer, generally at least once a week and it does seem to be improving my skating. I even finally went to Scooters and checked out there absolutely amazing jam skaters. Wow. Those cats can dance.

One day if I'm as cool as cool can be I'll be able to skate half as well as the seventy five year old man speeding around the rink at Scooters jam skating in this way that looks like he's dancing out of control and about to fall yet he is so clearly constantly in total control. I think it's the way he skates on the back wheels of either skate with such ease that is so disconcerting. One day baby, one day.

But today is not yet that day. I can not skate on the back wheels of my roller skates without landing on my ass, but, I have improved my crossovers and they now speed me up as I'm going around the bends. It's really neat. I'm actually using my inside foot to push out and thereby propelling myself forward faster.

I want to be even better at balancing and I really continue to work on this skill. I need to be the best balancer ever to be the best skater and player ever. At the CN Power versus Montreal Sexpos game last Sunday at the Bunker (ToRDs new digs) I watched Bambi play half her games on one fucking skate. It's insane. That girl has some great balance; also she's a great jammer.

Okay I have lots more to write about lots of things but I am supposed to be studying for my written test right now, which is what I am now going to go do. I look forward to having something new to tell you about my derby status in the very near future. More to come soon!
Derby love!

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