Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Blog

Well it's been a year and a half since I have even updated or added to this blog and many things have changed in that time. I must say that reading the last entry I made (in May of 2012!) was very nostalgic and also a nice reminder of how far I have come. It's easy to get caught up in the all the things you can't do, so having a view of the things you no longer suck at (or perhaps suck at less) is great.

So, let us take a little inventory of how things stand now as compared to that last entry. I had just played my first ever game with the Misfit Militia, having just made it into advanced practices and therefore getting rostered on the A team for the first time. I did continue to play with the A team for the rest of that season, getting lots of great experience and learning a lot (I particularly got a lot out of my first tournament (RDAC) that season). I became very involved with running the league, and coaching and training. I began a Grievance Committee and headed it for the league (and still do). I got nominated for League Pres and when it was a draw gave it up to the other choice (he was a good bloke). I still remained very involved on the board and in the runnings of the league.

This season began with my team, the league's A team, leaving the league, in a great time of upheaval for my then teammates and my league mates. I had to make some very, very difficult decisions which still haunt me. The decision about whether to stay or go was based on money (the new team became it's own league and would of course require league fees) and my Junior League's affiliation with the league I started with and my derby needs etc. etc. In the end I decided to stay with my first league (now down an A team) and say goodbye to my Misfits. It made me very sad and is still a sore point for me. I miss playing with those girls.

In the new world of my league (RDD) we needed an A Team and I became involved with that endeavour with others in the league. My juniors have been running along just fine this whole time, we didn't get any games in our first season 2012, but we had two games last season and a number of scrimmages and hope to have even more in the season ahead. I am VERY thankful to have awesome people helping me out as Coaches (Flyin' O'Brien, Keri Daway and Pink Slamminade) and administrative. My derby wife (oh yeah, I didn't used to have one of those either…) Go-Dive-A, is the second in command and she keeps everything organized and makes sure I'm doing what should be done. She also plays with my on the new A Team, the Striking Vikings, which I also Captain. So, it's been quite a trip.

Thinking now that it's been only one and a half years since I played my first game I actually feel a lot better about how I'm doing. I'm still slower then some to get certain skills, but, I remember it being a dream to get 25 laps in 5 minutes and now I'm shooting for 31. It's good to be reminded that hard work does pay off. I read lots about derby to learn to be better and smarter at it, and try hard to be a good coach, which is something I really enjoy doing.

In my fitness world much has changed. I used to try and get to the gym at least twice a week, with derby that would be four workouts per week (it's what I would shoot for) now I am six days a week, and often go the gym even when I have derby. I dream of being very strong and fast. I watch the super fit girl at the gym do pull ups. I want to be able to do pull ups. I have noticed that the super-fit-gym girl has no body fat either. Hahahaha…. I've still got a ways to go, but it's good to have goals.

Well that's it for up dates for now I think. I will be doing more entries about stuff rather then me, if you get my drift, stick around if you're interested. ;)

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